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T-UK Umpire Course

Posted on June 22, 2014 at 7:48 AM Comments comments (102)
T-UK National Umpire Course

All Black Belts please note:

This course  will contain latest updates from ITF

 Stratford High School, Alcester Road, Stratford upon Avon.

Sunday 6th July 2014

Registration : 9.30am   Cost £35.00

T-UK Official Dress Required & Gym Shoes 
Stratford on Avon High School, Alcester Road, Stratford.

10.00am Pattern Competition:

Undertanding Paperwork, ie Draw Sheets etc.

Lining up on squares & bowing officials in

Judging Technical Aspects of Pattern

How to Score in Pattern Competition

How to Score in Team Pattern Competition

11.00am Sparring Competition

 Understanding Equipment & Paperwork

Judging Free Sparring Competition

How to Score in Sparring Competition

Warnings & Fouls in Sparring Competition

Centre Referee Duties & Signals

12.00pm Power & Special Technique

How to Officiate in Power & Special Technique

12.30pm  Break for Lunch

1.00pm Afternoon Practical Application Summary

Demonstrations & Participation by all Applicants

in Patterns & Sparring Competition followed by Test.

3.00pm Certificate Awards & Close

T-UK Technical Course - Sunday 16th March

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)
On 16th March 2014, Taekwon-do – UK has the great pleasure in presenting the Black Belt Technical Course.

This is open to all Blue belt and above from 14yrs and must have been completed before any degree test.

Also all Black Belts must have completed before their next degree test.

Black Belt Technical Course


Morning 9.30am (official dress code)
Benefits of TKD, Correct Protocol in TKD ie Bowing in Dojang, lining up, greetings, passing and receiving, addressing 1st – 3rd Deg, 4th – 6th Deg, 7th – 8th Deg, Grandmasters , dress codes and much more.

Oath & Tenets in depth – practising of ‘The Do’ using official exersize manuals provided by ITF.

Brunch 11.30am 

Afternoon 12.30pm (doboks req’d)

Full coloured belt patterns chon-ji – choong moo.
1 step, 2 step & 3 step sparring.

Future roles and options within T- UK

5.00pm Certificate presentation

This Course will take place at The Trident Academy,
John Street, Sale, Manchester.

Registration 9.00am prompt for 9.30am Start

Break 11.30am – 12.30pm

Finish 5.00pm

Cost £35.00 includes T-UK & ITF Manuals

To book your place & order your manuals for this course please fill in application form from T-UK website & mail to [email protected] 

Polish Winter Camp 2014

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 6:17 AM Comments comments (3554)
Report on the Polish winter camp January 2014
Izzy and Jeff Brider joined a party from ITF England to participate in the ITF Poland Winter Camp held between 24th and 29th January 2014 in Szyrck in Poland.
The party travelled from Stansted and was met at Katowice Airport for transfer to the training venue.  Once rooms had been allocated and dinner served a meeting was held with Master Loboda, Master Jedut and Mr. Suska to brief the participants on the structure of the week.  We learned that there would be two training sessions a day with consultations with Masters Loboda and Jedut and Mr. Suska each evening.  The training sessions were split between juniors below the age of 15 and all others.  We learned that there was a possibility to ski between training sessions but the limited amount of snow restricted the extent of the ski area.  Nevertheless, we did get the opportunity to ski on a couple of occasions. 

Training began in earnest on Friday morning.  The structure of each day was the same in that the morning session involved fundamental exercises although these included many new techniques and variations on drills that we undertake in our classes.  The afternoon sessions were devoted to many different sparring and related drills.
All sessions were mentally and physically taxing and challenged everybody, especially yours truly.  Where possible a video record has been made of the sessions to enable their use in classes.  Warm ups were largely Taekwon-do based and all the morning sessions used Saju jirugi, Saju magki and patterns up to and including Do-san as a key element of the warm up process.  Partner work, involving kick shields, was extensively utilised and strengthening routines were also a key element.  Master Jedut took all the sessions for those above 15 years of age.  He kept us constantly on our toes and whilst there were opportunities for rehydration breaks, they were short.  Spare doboks were essential unless time was spent washing them in the evening.  It would be difficult and lengthy to enumerate all the drills in this brief report but I will be providing a detailed list of all the drills that were used in all the sessions.
The afternoon sessions followed the same format although no fundamental techniques and patterns were utilised.  The afternoon session moved very swiftly to kick shield work using combination punching and/or kicking drills.  These sessions were extremely fast paced with a demonstration of the drill to be performed with little or no break between each drill.  After approximately 45 minutes sparring equipment was used; one session used only hand protection whilst the rest used all protection.
All sessions were held in a school hall some 2.5 kilometres from the hotel so we all had an opportunity to warm up on the way up to the venue.  The afternoon sessions finished at 6:30 and we then wended our way back for a shower and dinner.  As temperatures were in the region of -5 degrees centigrade we did not dawdle on the return journey.
After our meal those that wished to could take the opportunity to practice some of the routines learned during the day or seek private consultations with Masters Loboda and Jedut and Mr. Suska.
Izzy Brider managed to have a lengthy session with Master Jedut who went through Joong-gun tul in exacting detail.  I filmed the entire consultation as so many matters were covered that it would have been impossible to remember.  In addition, on a subsequent evening Izzy managed to arrange a similar session with Mr Suska to review Choong-chang.  Once again, I was impressed by the attention that he and Master Jedut, gave to Izzy and all those who approached them for assistance.  We thought that the consultation had ended upon completion of the analysis of Choong-chang and Izzy was relaxing when Mr. Suska asked her to perform Juche which was subjected to the same level of scrutiny.  In all the consultation must have lasted over 30 minutes and given that the consultation period was limited to two hours this seemed, to me, to be an impressive allocation of time to one person. 

As already mentioned the structure of the sessions were as set out above except for one session which was devoted entirely to strength exercises using what I can only describe as bungee cords. 
The camp ended on Thursday evening and the ITF England group took the team leaders out for a meal, which had to be finished in time for the final consultation session that evening.
As will be imagined all taking part were aching at the end of the camp and some aggravated injuries that they were carrying before arriving in Poland but notwithstanding the aches and pains all left having learned so much and made new friends.  Thanks are due to Master Tom Denis who coordinated the arrangements for the group from England. 
Finally, I will long remember the warmth of the hospitality of the Polish participants and the efforts of Master Loboda, Master Jedut and Mr. Suska in making this, for Izzy and me, such a brilliant camp.  The training met and exceeded all that I had been led to expect.

Jeff Brider

70th ITF International Instructor Course

Posted on November 8, 2013 at 7:09 AM Comments comments (420)
The Trident Group is proud to announce we now have 14 International Instructors following a 3 day event in Watford.  They were lucky enough to be instructed by Grand Masters Hector Marano, Willem Bos and Ung Kim Lan who displayed astounding knowledge and technical ability. Expect to see some of their new training methods in your classes soon!  You can read the full story here…

A group of 14 students, led by Mr Miley, from the Trident Group based in Manchester attended the 70 IIC which took place in Watford.  Those attending comprised: James Miley, Emma Miley, Tim Warmingham, Noel Kivell, Alex Halstead, Simon Hynes, Ken Drinkwater, Phil Mottershead, Jeff Brider, Izzy Brider, Kevin Gilder, Carolyn Smith, Andy Teague and Dave Wise.  They were also joined by contingents led by Mr Emm from Chester. 

The three day event commenced at 5 pm on Friday afternoon and was led by Grand Masters Hector Marano, Willem Bos and Ung Kim Lan.  We were told that the turnout of approximately 240 was the largest IIC to date which included a large contingent of VIII and VII degrees and all of the senior grades from the English part of T-UK. T-UK Scotland will be treated to an IIC later this year.

After Grand Master Tom MacCallum opened the event we were led in a vigorous, but gentle by 69 IIC standards, warm up.  This was followed by detailed work, led by Grand Master Marano, on all the coloured patterns up to Choong-Moo.  The knowledge on display was amazing and much was learned by everybody on Chon-ji which included discussions on the low block, facing of techniques, body movement and balance to name a few points.  The attention to detail was staggering.  In between two sessions on patterns the course was treated to a session by grand Master Lan on sparring techniques.  There were many “wow” moments in this session, which wetted people’s appetite for further sessions.

Saturday morning began with a warm up led by Master Jedut, VII and President of technical training of the Polish Taekwon-do Association, which introduced many new partner warm ups- one involving climbing around your partner without touching the floor; look out for new exercises in Mr Miley’s classes!!  Once the heart rate was beating the Black Belts commenced working through their patterns whilst a large group of black tag and red belts were treated to a session by Grand Master Bos and Master Jedut and once the 1 degrees had finished their patterns they joined this group.  Once pattern Juche had been reached the course had a session on fixed and traditional sparring led by Grand Master Bos.  This session had so much to take in but all will become familiar to those taking classes in the coming weeks.  After this session ended the course broke up into groups, the third degrees and above worked through each of their patterns which culminated with Tong-il on Sunday morning.  All other students had an opportunity to review all the patterns with Grand Master Marano.  Further sessions on sparring and self defence led by Grand Master Lan took place on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning started bright and early with senior grades working through patterns with Grand Master Marano and Grand Master Bos whilst 4 degree and below had an amazing sparring session with Grand Master Lan.The course concluded at 12 noon when a physically and mentally tired group collected certificates and photographs prior to travelling back north.All those attending were impressed by the knowledge and ability of the Grand Masters.  Their ability to demonstrate all the techniques and answer all the questions thrown at them was astonishing.   No one left without having gained so much from the experience. 

Thanks are due to the Grand Masters who travelled over to the UK to deliver such an amazing course.  Mention should be made to Grand Master Bos who attended the course only 21 days after having had a triple heart by-pass operation- enough said!!  Finally it would be remiss not to place on record thanks to Master Denis and his team for putting on such a memorable event.  I for one look forward to future IIC’s.