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Alternate Colour Belt Test

Posted on June 9, 2016 at 5:57 AM Comments comments (235)
Alternate Grading Test

Please email me if you would like to do this grading. All your grade Korean is on the website.

ALTERNATE GRADING - Sunday 17th September (please email me if you would like to do this grading) 

GRADING FEE - £30 (£27 each for two or more in the same family) to be paid in cash no later than Saturday 16th September. After this date it will be £35 to grade.

GRADING VENUE - Trident TKD Academy


8.40am Registration - 9 to 11am - All grades from white belt to red belt


11.10am Registration - 11.30am to 1pm - All grades from white belt to red belt

Colour Belt Grading Test

Posted on June 9, 2016 at 5:56 AM Comments comments (21)
Colour Belt Grading Test

DATE - Saturday 23rd September

VENUE - Sale High School, Norris Rd, Sale, M33 3JR - Sports Hall Courts 3 & 4 (car park and entrance off Croft Road) 

GRADING FEE - £30 (£27 each for two or more in the same family) to be paid in cash no later than the 16th September. After this date it will be £35 to grade.







The Mark Scriven Memorial Competition - 17th April 2016

Posted on May 4, 2016 at 6:27 PM Comments comments (179)
Below are the results of the Mark Scriven Memorial Competition held in Stratford Upon Avon:

Coach - James Miley
Coach - Phil Mottershead


Jon Emm
Jayne Heywood
Lynette Johnson


Nina Bell - Gold
Abigail Hedgecock - Gold
Lily Thompson - Gold
Anna Bracegirdle - Silver
Ezel Dervish - Silver
Rebecca Dean - Silver
Darcy Johnson - Bronze
Aysin Dervish - Bronze
Karl Davis - Bronze


Nina Bell - Gold
Lily Thompson - Gold
Aysin Dervish - Gold
John Bracegirdle - Gold
Anna Reed - Gold
Karl Davis - Gold
Anna Bracegirdle - Silver
Ezel Dervish - Silver
Darcy Johnson - Silver
Alex Nicolae - Silver

Power Breaking:

Jon Emm - Gold

GTI NW Open Championships (Huyton) - 16th April 2016

Posted on May 4, 2016 at 6:13 PM Comments comments (209)
Here are the results of the GTI Open held in Huyton, Liverpool:

Coach - James Miley
Coach - Phil Mottershead


Ebony Foster - Silver


Aidan Grant - Gold
Ebony Foster - Silver
Kyomi Mullings - Bronze
Abboh Savtcheauff - Bronze

Tag Team Sparring:

Kyomi Mullings - Gold

ITF World Championships 2015 - Italy

Posted on July 10, 2015 at 5:47 PM Comments comments (228)
ITF World Championships, Jesolo Italy

Romy Mottershead and Izzy Brider from the Trident TKD Academy represented ITF England at the 19 Senior and 13 Junior ITF World Championships that took place in Jesolo Italy between the 27-31 May 2015.  The Championships attracted 1019 competitors from 53 countries comprising 586 seniors and 433 juniors.  ITF England took a large contingent of 79 competitors, coaches, officials, umpires and spectators.  At the outset I place on record thanks to the organising committee and all the umpires and officials that allowed for well-organised and friendly Championships.

The outcome of many hours of training resulted in a total of 17 medals which placed ITF England 9 on the medal table ahead of many larger teams.  This was made up of 2 Gold, 6 Silver and 9 Bronze medals.  Individuals won 13 of the 17 medals.  Full details can be found on the ITF website but for ease the table below sets out the full detail:
Gold Medals
Izzy Brider, Junior Female II degree pattern
Zak Espi Castillo, Senior Male Sparring over 85 kg
Silver Medals
Laura Fox Longdon, Senior Female Sparring to 62kg
Adam Bonwick, Junior Male Sparring to 68kg
Romy Mottershead, Junior Female Sparring to 60kg
Jennifer Pena, Senior Female Sparring to 50kg
Hannah Whittaker, Senior Female Sparring to 68 kg
Shane O’Rourke, Senior Male Sparring to 85kg
Bronze Medals
Adam Bonwick, Junior Male II degree pattern
Kristine Evio, Junior Female II degree pattern
Jason Bint, Senior Male Sparring to 70kg
 Aniko Heradi, Senior Female Sparring over 75kg
Katie Wawman, Junior Female Sparring to 65kg
Senior Male Team Pattern
Junior Female Team Pattern
Senior Female Team Sparring
Senior Female Team Special Technique
The list above gives neither an idea of the level of the competition faced by the individuals and teams nor the level of excitement of the majority of the events.  Many of the sparring bouts went down to the wire and at least three medals could have been gold rather than silver.

Insofar as the performance of Romy and Izzy is concerned it would be fair to say that the two contributed in a significant way to the success of the team.  Romy sparred in the individual junior female under 60kg category and faced stiff competition.  She set a high standard and progressed to the semi-final and thence the final.  This, however, hides the fact that all thought that she had made it to the final and as she was getting ready for what we all believed to be the final she was told that she would have to compete in the semi-final.  This didn’t seem to faze her and she progressed to the final.  This was held about 5 minutes after the semi-final and notwithstanding that her competitor, from Poland, had had a much longer rest she sparred brilliantly.  After two close fought rounds and with little time left on the clock Romy was given a foul, for grabbing, which reversed the score.  Little time remained in the round and Romy was beaten by the smallest of margins.   However, I firmly believe that her loss, by the narrowest of margins, will spur her on to win the gold medal at the European Championships in Scotland in October.

By this time Izzy had already become the World Champion in individual junior female II degree patterns.  Izzy had up to this point not progressed in previous World and European Championships and her success was a demonstration of perseverance.  The difference between winning and losing in patterns, given the new scoring system, has become much finer and errors are not retrievable.  Her progress to the final meant, as for Romy, that she faced competition from across the world.  However, it seemed that once she had won the first round her confidence grew and she progressed to the final where she met a competitor from Hungary.  After performing Juche and Choong-Jang she became World Champion.  Izzy also sparred in the individual junior female under 50kg category but was beaten by a semi-finalist from Argentina.  She was disappointed but remains hungry to add to beat her previous World Championship bronze medal secured in 2013.  She also represented the team in team patterns, where she won a bronze medal being narrowly beaten by Ireland in the semi-final, team power, finishing joint fourth after a play-off and team special technique.

Romy and Izzy were also part of the junior female sparring team which was beaten by one point in the quarter finals of that event.
Izzy also had the privilege of being appointed as the junior team captain.
Good wishes are sent to Romy and Izzy for the upcoming 2015 ITF European Championships that will be taking place in Scotland in October as both were selected for the Worlds and Euros at the trials held in November 2014.

I should also add that all through the events Phil Mottershead and this reporter gave as much support to each other as to the competitors.   I think we were more nervous than either Romy or Izzy!  Their focus was amazing and I for one will never forget their performances.  As will be imagined a few tears were shed and not just the competitors and I want to place on record my thanks to Phil and Mr. David Condie for keeping me sane when Izzy was performing her patterns, I hope that I did the same for Phil when Romy was competing.  I also want to thank Mr. Condie for lending a shoulder to cry on, literally and metaphorically after Izzy had won the final.

Photo of the T-UK representatives at the end of the Championships.  From left to right: Mr. Phil Mottershead, Alex Marshall, Gregor Towers,  Mr. David Condie, Dr. Jeff Brider, Izzy Brider and Romy Mottershead.
Thanks are due to Mr. Lear and his coaching team (Mr. Adams, Mr. Burns, Miss McColl, Mr. De Silva, Mr. Ernest and Mr. Lammin) whose efforts and dedication have developed such a strong team that is going from strength to strength.  It is much appreciated by all connected with the team their commitment and hard work is a key ingredient to the success of each individual of the team.  I know that they felt the highs and lows of all the team, even when some lost their voices!
Finally I want to place on record my thanks to all instructors in T-UK and at the Trident Academy that has allowed Romy and Izzy to achieve so much.  However, I must give the greatest thanks to Mr. Miley for all his dedication, support and time for over 12 years in getting Romy and Izzy to this position.  Thanks sir. 
I would encourage all those eligible to consider entering the trials for the European Championships that will be taking place in Finland in 2016.

Dr. Jeff Brider

TKD Summer Holiday Club 2015

Posted on July 10, 2015 at 5:22 PM Comments comments (99)
Dear Parents, 

We are planning to run the summer holiday club over 4 possible weeks. I say possible as it will all depend on interest. For each day to be fun we will need to have at least 5 children. If you are interested in your child/children attending holiday club then could you please email me your dates asap. ([email protected]
The Summer holiday club will run on the following weeks:

Monday 20th July to Friday 24th July

Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July

Monday 3rd August to Friday 7th August

Monday 24th August to Friday 28th August

If you can tell us by this Friday 17th July so I can organise the days.  I am also hoping to have Izzy Brider (World Pattern's Champion) & Romy Mottershead (World Sparring Silver Medallist) to come in and do some sessions with the children. I will sort this out when I get numbers. These sessions will only be open to holiday club  participants.

 All the information and booking form are copied below. The form can be emailed back to me please and all payments made at the academy reception.
Kind Regards,
James Miley.


9am - 4pm

Children can sit in the viewing area and read or play a game if you are going to be picking them up later than 4pm.


1 day                £15
3 days              £30
5 days              £45

There is also a family discount of 20% for 2 or more attending from the same family.


You must be an insured member of the Trident Taekwon-Do Group to attend the holiday club.

Please bring a pack lunch and something to amuse yourself during the break times (Book, Game, Homework etc.). We do sell drinks and treats if you have pocket money with you.

The holiday club will have a program of Taekwon-Do sessions during the day designed to improve your child. They will also play plenty of games and get to watch one DVD each day normally during lunch time.

If you have any requests or your child has any medical conditions/food allergies that we need to know about then please let us know on the booking form below.


NAME:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------               AGE: -------------------

DATE/DATES OF ATTENDANCE: --------------------------------------------------------------------------

PAYMENT: £_______  CONTACT NAME _____________________ NUMBER _________

SPECIAL REQUESTS/MEDICAL CONDITIONS: ------------------------------------------------------

SIGNED (PARENT/GUARDIAN): --------------------------------------------------------------------------


Master Jedut Seminar

Posted on July 10, 2015 at 5:17 PM Comments comments (106)
Dear Students/Parents,

I am very proud to invite you all to attend a seminar with Polish super coach Master Jedut VIII Degree. This is the second time that we have managed to get him to come to Manchester and I know that last year all who attend the seminar had a wonderful time.

The date will be Sunday 9th August at David Lloyd, Trafford Park.

We don't have many places as this seminar is open to all of the T-UK and associations within our ITF. If you would like to reserve your place please email Jeff Brider -  [email protected]  as soon as you can.

All students of any age and grade are aloud to attend. Please see your time below.

A not to be missed opportunity :)

Kind Regards,

James Miley.

P.S. All the details you need to know are below and a poster is attached.

It is with great pleasure that Trident TKD welcomes Master Jedut to his second series of seminars in Manchester. Master Jedut is the technical director and the vice-president of the Polish Taekwon-do Association. He is the chief instructor of MKS Lewart Lubartow Club based in Lublin, Poland. This is recognized as the premier Taekwon-do club in Poland. He was the head coach of the Polish National team between 1987 and 1995 and he is the instructor/coach of countless world and European champions such as Jaroslaw Suska.   Master Jedut is a key contributor to the newly established International Competitors Course which has been added to the ITF’s program.

Three seminars have been arranged at David Lloyd Health Club, Trafford Park as follows:  

Peewee seminar for those 12 years and under : 10.00 am – 12.00 pm. This seminar will comprise work on fundamental movements, patterns and sparring.

Teens & adult seminar 1 : 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm. This seminar will cover fundamental movements and patterns  

Teens & adults seminar 2 : 3,00 pm – 5.00 pm. This seminar will cover fundamental movements and sparring.

Master Jedut may refine seminars 1 and 2 on the day.

The cost of the seminars is as follows:  

12 years and under - £15.00

Teens & adults technical seminar- £25.00  

Teens & adults sparring seminar - £25.00

SPECIAL OFFER – Teens & adults that are going to attend both the technical and sparring seminars will be charged £40.00.

Places will be offered on a first come first serve basis. Please contact Dr. Jeff Brider at [email protected] or on his telephone number- 07528727882 by 17 July 2015 to reserve a place and he will send details on how to pay for the event.  He will also answer any queries.  

Please arrive 30 minutes before each session.   All those attending the seminars must ensure that they have full sparring equipment including head guards, groin guards (for males), and gum shields.   Failure to bring such equipment may mean that it will not be possible to participate in some of the drills and exercises.

There will be an opportunity to take photographs after the first and last sessions.

Colour Belt Grading Results - 13--12--14

Posted on February 4, 2015 at 6:49 AM Comments comments (123)
The last grading of 2014 proved to be the highest standard on record with an amazing 42 'A' passes. 

I would like to congratulate all the students who took part in the test and also thank my assistant instructors as without your help we would not have reached this level.

Below are the 'A' pass students:

‘A’ Pass Students - Dec’14

Abbotsford Prep School Club
Cameron Worth
Abigail Turner
Amina Amjad

Emily Sibley
Angela Yan

David Lloyd Trafford Club
Joseph Mortlock
Isla Plant
Leah Robinson
Millie Bradley-Horrigan
Toby Macpherson

Trident Academy
Matilda Burrows
Oliver Burrows
Vishnu Aryan Vainala
Elizabeth Etheridge
Nitin Sivam Arumugachelvam
Valeria Fernandez
Elida Fernandez
Rosie Mellor
Charlie Mellor
Billy Allen
Yvonne Burrows
Toby Paterson
Hayden Thompson
Talya Demirel
Nicholas Coutsavlis
Havva Dervish
Sonia Thompson
Elisha Gerrard
Gregory McEwan
Luke Burgess
Armin Yaghmaee
Harry Burrows
Eleanor Poole
Anna Bracegirdle
Holly Jones
Erin Meacock
Benjamin Anderson
Oliver Fernandez
Jack Burns
Alex Nicolae
Thomas Brailsford
Louisa Brailsford

Trident Award Nominations For 2014

Posted on January 28, 2015 at 6:29 PM Comments comments (224)
Trident Award Winners

Congratulations to all the award nominees. In 2014 your performances were outstanding and I hope you continue the hard work during 2015.

The winners were announced at the Awards evening and I am proud to tell you who they are. Please scroll down to the nominee list. All winners are marked in yellow.

Thanks to all the committee members for organising a fantastic awards evening enjoyed by all.

Trident Award Nominations

For me this is an extremely difficult decision to make. I have many students who are outstanding and didn't make any of the nominations. The students below are the ones who have accumulated the most points throughout the year by going to competitions, attending social events, seminars, demonstrations and most importantly have trained consistently throughout the year. I now have to choose a winner and with so many wonderful students and a very successful year to their credit they have made my decision very hard. I would like to wish them the best of luck and I hope to see them all present at the awards evening.

Most Improved Peewee:

Darcy Johnson
Finlay Varga
Logan Varga
Luca Bracegirdle
Matilda Burrows
Joshua Bambrick
Jessica Petty

Most Improved Junior:

Alex Deegan
Felix Dubicki-Piper
Ella Burrows
Aimee Hall
Elizabeth Etheridge

Most Improved Adult:

Dave McCallum
Yvonne Burrows
Icilda Steele
Andy Teague
Karl Davis

Instructor Of The Year:

Darren Eden
Jon Emm
Tim Warmingham
Lynette Johnson

Peewee Student Of The Year:

Rebecca Dean
Aidan Grant
Nina Bell
Nebi Dervish
Aysin Dervish
Lily Thompson

Junior Student Of The Year:

Oliver Burrows
Cavan Grant
Romy Mottershead
Izzy Brider

Adult Student Of The Year:

Karl Davis
Phil Mottershead
Jeff Brider
Lynette Johnson
Scott Bambrick
Andy O'Neill
Anna Reed

T-UK Black Belt Grading

Posted on October 30, 2014 at 8:41 AM Comments comments (120)
T-UK England Black Belt Grading will take place on Sunday 23rd November 2014 at The Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre,Bridgefoot, Stratford.

All students will have sat a ‘Pre Test’ in their area to make sure they are of the required standard to pass their test. These are arranged in each area by hosts, Mr Miley, Mr Archer & Mr Crisp.
Now they are in each area, The ‘Pre Test’ is compulsory for all students testing, Pee Wee’s, Juniors & Adults, Star Grades and Full Degree test. This is optional for assessment grades.

Northwest Pre Test is on Nov 1st at The Trident Academy, John Street, Sale (1 to 4pm) £10 training fee.

Black Belt Grading

Sunday 23rd November Pee Wee’s & Juniors 9.30am registration for a prompt 10.00am start and will finish at 1.30pm with a Belt & Certificate Presentation.
Adults 2.00pm registration for start 2.30pm and finish at 5.30pm.

All Licences must be handed in on the Day.

All Candidates will need to fill in both a National Degree Application Form and a Black Belt Test Form from the T-UK website. Available from their Instructor.
Students testing for full degrees (13yrs and over) will also need to fill in an ITF certificate application form and attach a photo.

All forms need to be sent electronically to Mr Ian Ridley, [email protected] or posted to 11 Saxilby Road, Keighley, East Morton, BD20 5BW, along with thesis for any student taking a full grade 2 weeks before Test. (please do not send by registered post).

All candidates should attend in official attire, bringing clean Dobok & safety equipment.
All breaking materials, bricks – wood etc will be supplied on the day.
Successful candidates will be presented with their T-UK Black Belts, and certificates on the day .

We wish all candidates the very best of luck !!!