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Trident TKD Championship 2017

Posted on January 18, 2017 at 9:50 AM

George H Carnall Leisure Centre, Kingsway Park, Davyhulme, Manchester, M41 7FJ
Sunday 5 March / 10am Registration
Competitor - £20 / Spectators – Free
Email – [email protected]         Web –
Dear Students/Parents,
The Trident Colour Belt Championships will be held on Sunday 5 March at George H Carnall Leisure Centre, Kingsway Park, Davyhulme, Manchester, M41 7FJ.
All students, beginners up to black belts, are welcome to attend. Everyone will be split up into male & female, age groups and grades. We would like as many students to attend as possible as this is a fantastic way to develop your Taekwon-Do skills and most importantly teaching you how to win and lose and be a good sportsperson.
Entry is £20 and all spectators are free as a thank you for your support. Registration will start at 10am. The competition will start when the black belt junior and adult competition finishes.
I know that in some categories for the sparring there is a big age range. For example a 5 year old could be sparring a 7 year old. What I can tell you is that the 5 year old that experiences competition will be a stronger 6 year old. We will also split the 5 to 7 year olds if we feel that there is a big height difference with the competitors. Sometimes though this is not possible as there may be (2 small ones and one big one) or (7 big ones and 1 small one). In these cases the referees are very experienced and will be strict with the contact as they will with or the categories children and adults.
Instructors should be aware that this is a semi contact event and the officials will be using the touch contact rule. Any excessive contact could lead to a disqualification of the competitor. Thank you for your assistance.
You will get the opportunity to compete in Pattern (bronze, silver & gold medals) - Sparring (bronze, silver & gold medals) - Flying High Kick (1 place trophy only). All children will receive an attendance medal.
To enter please fill in the form below and email it back to me before Saturday 25th February, earlier if possible. ([email protected]) Please pay your entry fee to your instructor or directly to me, many thanks.
Any questions can be answered by email or mobile 07974 649 015.
Kind Regards,
James Miley.
P.S. All junior (13 to 17 years old) and adult black belt divisions will register at 8.30am and their competition will start at 9am. This will give all our colour belts a chance to see the black belts competing and means that the competitors are fresh before they ALL help with officiating :)
NAME _______________________________________ AGE ______ SEX _____
BELT COLOUR _____________________________ (Example: white belt, double yellow stripe belt, blue stripe belt, red belt)
CLUB ________________________________________ (Example: LA Fitness, Chester, Trident Academy, Bolton)
INSURANCE NUMBER ____________________ EXPIRY DATE _____________
(Found on card in licence book)
1.    Officials must wear the dress requirements as laid down in the T-UK Umpires rules.
2.    Dobok
Competitors must wear the “officially approved” ITF Dobok.
Female competitors may wear a white T- shirt under the Dobok jacket.
All competitors must wear their belt.
Only approved sports glasses may be worn in the sparring that are designed to withstand impact. All normal glasses must be removed before sparring.
Competitors must wear:
1.    Groin guards (mandatory for males only) must be worn inside the Dobok
2.    Gloves, boots and a head guard.
3.    Mouth guards
Safety equipment must be of an approved type. Closed fingered gloves, boots that completely cover the toes and no equipment should be held together with tape.
Competitors may, optionally, wear the following:
4.    Shin protectors (Not football shin guards)
5.    Breast protectors (optional for female only) must be worn inside the Dobok jacket.
All competitors with injuries which require bandaging or strapping of any kind must satisfy the Tournament doctor of their need, and obtain approval of type before performing i.e. no pins or hard material can be worn.
No jewellery, watches or other adornments may be worn, hair may be kept in place using a material of a soft elastic nature only, no grips or slides are allowed.
First Aid personnel’s recommendations with regard to competitor’s further participation following injury must be adhered to.
As many of the students competing will not have a coach as they are officiating there will be no coaching allowed. You may encourage your competitor from the sidelines.
1.    CHA RYOT - Attention
2.    KYONG YE - Bow
3.    JUN BI - Ready
4.    SHIJAK - Start
5.    HAECHYO - Separate
6.    GAESOK - Continue
7.    GOMAN – Stop/End
8.    JU UI HANNA – One Warning
9.    GAM JUM HANNA – One Foul (deduct one point)
10.  SIL KYUK - Disqualification
11.  HONG - Red
12.  CHONG - Blue
13.  JUNG JI – Time stop
14.  DONG CHONG - Draw
15.  IL HUE JONG – First round
16.  I HUE JONG – Second round
17.  SAM HUE JONG – Third round (First point scored)
18.  SUNG – Winner
Competitors must at all times bow to the Jury and also to each other at the beginning and end of each performance/match.
You may choose your own pattern and this should be no lower than one pattern below your grade. A yellow belt that does not know Dan-Gun yet may choose to do Chon-Ji.
Individual elimination and final bouts will be two (1) round of (1 1/2) minute’s duration.
In the case of a draw, a further one (30) second round will take place and if it results in a further draw then the first scored point assigned by at least two (2) Referees at the same split second will decide who the winner is.
Head at the front, side and top of the head but not at the back.
The trunk of the body from shoulder to navel vertically and from a line drawn from the armpit vertically down to the waist on each side (that is frontal area only, excluding the back).
One (1) point will be awarded for any legal Hand Attack directed to mid or high section. Two (2) points will be awarded for any legal Foot Attack directed to mid section.
Three (3) points will be awarded for any legal Foot Attack directed to high section.
In competition a technique is valid according to a light contact system and if:
1.    It is executed correctly.
2.    Its dynamic, that is to say it is delivered with strength, purpose, speed and precision.
3.    Its controlled on the target.
One point will be deducted for the following offences:
1.    Heavy contact.
2.    Attacking a fallen opponent.
3.    Leg sweeping.
4.    Holding/grabbing.
5.    Intentional attack to a target other then mentioned in ‘Target Area’
Warnings will be assigned for the following offences:
1.    Pretending to have scored a point by raising one or both arms.
2.    Stepping completely out of the ring (both feet).
3.    Falling down, whether intentional or not (it means any part of the body, other than the feet, touching the ground).
4.    Faking a blow, pretending to be injured to gain an advantage.
5.    Intentionally avoiding sparring.
6.    Adjusting equipment during the bout without the consent of the Centre Referee.
7.    Unintentional attack to a target other then mentioned in ‘Target Area’
8.    Pushing with the hands, shoulders or body.
The sum of three (3) warnings automatically means deducting one (1) point.
N.B. If an athlete is pushed out of the ring with intent (without undergoing a technique) then he will not receive a warning. The athlete who pushed shall receive a warning.
1.    Misconduct against officials or ignoring instructions.
2.    Uncontrolled or excessive contact.
3.    Receiving three (3) minus points/fouls directly given by the Centre Referee.
4.    Being under influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs.
5.    Loss of temper.
6.    Insulting an opponent, coach and or official.
7.    Biting, scratching.
8.    Attacking with the knee, elbow or forehead.
9.    Causing a knockout.
N.B.: A competitor that insults an opponent, coach or official will be disqualified from the rest of the competition.
When a competitor is injured, the Centre Referee must stop the match and call the first aiders. At the moment the first aiders are in front of the injured competitor, they have a maximum of 3 minutes to diagnose, treat the wounds and decide about the match and competition continuation.
When a competitor cannot compete anymore because of the first aiders decision and according to the decision of the Ring Council (Jury President, Centre Referee and Corner referees)
1.    He/she is the winner if his/her opponent is responsible.
2.    He/she is the loser if his/her opponent is not responsible.
An injured competitor that is unfit to fight cannot continue for the time/day(s) set according to the first aiders decision.
4.    A competitor that refuses to accept the first aiders and/or the Ring Council decision will be disqualified and taken out of the competition.
5.    If two competitors get injured at the same time and both are unfit to fight according to the first aiders decision, the winner is the contender that has more scored points at that moment. If the competitors are even, the Ring Council will decide about the bout.
N.B.: A competitor that causes a KO (meaning to be unconscious) or causes a concussion in sparring competition will be disqualified. The opponent that receives a KO or concussion shall not be able to compete again during the whole event.
Sparring competitors will commence the bout on the start positions, each with a red or blue sash to differentiate between them. Mouth protection gear must be worn at all times. At the command of the Centre Referee the competitors bow in turn to the Jury table, Centre Referee and then to each other. The Centre Referee will then start the Light Contact Sparring with the command “SHIJAK” and the competitors will continue to spar until the Referee issues the command “HAECHYO”.
At this point the competitors cease to spar and remain where they are until restarted.
An audible signal of time will end the round and/or bout. The reverse for bowing will ensure and the result will be declared.
In a draw situation, warnings and/or minus points are not carried forward. If a competitor leaves the ring they must re-start one (1) metre inside the ring.
On the first “SHIJAK” (Start) command from the Centre Referee the timekeeper starts the clock until full time, unless the Centre Referee calls for a “time out” by saying “JUNG JI”. At this time the timekeeper stops the clock until the next “GAESOK” (Continue) command is given.
1/ The start position for flying high kick will be ‘L’ stance forearm guarding block.  2/ There will be no line up.
3/ At the end of your attempt you must land in ‘L’ stance forearm guarding block whether you are successful or not.
4/ If the competitor hits the pad with the correct foot part (ball of the foot) then they will continue to the next round unless they touch the ground with another part of their body other than their feet.
5/ If we get to a situation where all competitors miss on the final round they will be given one more go and if they all miss again then the winner will be the smallest competitor.


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