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Traffic Light System

To help the student progress through each of the belts I have designed a traffic light system which will allow the student to reach small goals on their way towards the colour belt grading tests. These goals will be seen as red, amber (yellow) and green stripes on the students belt. 

Once the student has achieved all the stripes then they will be put forwards to do the next grading. The stripes can be gained at anytime during the training sessions. The instructor will test you on the Korean parts if you ask him and will be constantly monitoring your physical performance. When they feel you are ready for your stripe you will be awarded it at the end of the training session.

It will help the student to understand were they are up to and when they will be ready to do their next belt test. It is also useful to the instructors and parents to see where each student/child is up to with their training.

I hope that it helps to motivate the students and improve their overall standard.

The stripe system is as follows:

Red - You can perform your pattern sequence on your own without making any errors. You also know the meaning of the belt colour, pattern and the number of moves.

Amber - You can perform the fundamental movements of the pattern, understand what they are used for and know the Korean terminology for each move.

Green - You can perform the kick/kicks of your grade, what foot part is used and the Korean terminology for the kick and foot part.

All the Korean terminology can be found in the Grading Terminology of the website. For the fundamental movements & kicks generally they move forward four times and back four times.


Saju Jirugi (15 movements)
Saju Makgi (17 movements) if you are 13 years and over you will also do this exercise


Sitting Stance Forefist Middle Punch (10 times shouting the Korean numbers)

Walking Stance Forefist Middle Punch

Walking Stance Forearm Low Block


Walking Ready Stance - Front Snap Kick